About Memberships

We’ve thought long and hard about ways to offer more and better Loyalty Club options and service, and here is what we’ve come up with!

You can become a Friend of di Lusso simply by providing your contact details, and thereby access to quarterly newsletters, event alerts and special offers.

Comune Club

Comune members receive a 10% discount on purchases, free freight for case purchases and the  opportunity to increase their discount through frequent (uncommitted) purchases.  Comune membership is available to those who purchase half a case or more at cellar door, other locations or on our online store.

Compagnia di Lusso

Membership of our new Compagnia di Lusso is for those existing Comune members and new members who are willing to pre-commit to receiving a minimum of four cases of di Lusso Estate wine each year with free delivery, the composition of which is up to you unless you opt for the Winemaker’s Dozen. The discount on these committed quarterly purchases is 15% on cellar door prices.

But the Compagnia di Lusso is about much more than just discounts … it gives you access to private wine tasting sessions, complimentary lunches and events at our restaurant, Cucina di Lusso, annual loyalty gifts and more!

If you feel passionate about the di Lusso experience, use our contact form or ring on 02 6373 3125 and we’ll be happy to give you any further information as well as helping you sign up.